Executive Assistant with Fluent German part-time remote

We are searching for a part-time executive assistant ( potentially full-time if everything goes well) to our Chief Executive Officer providing the amazing opportunity for working remotely in a young international team.

First things first, you’ll need to be a bit of communications genius because you will be required to switch between talking to suppliers & ordering pizza for the team to talking to international household-name corporate client representatives and minor & not so minor international celebrities without breaking a stride. 
Confidence in your appearance and a well-versed & self-assured demeanor in every surrounding is a must because this job will involve several representative elements. This will quickly grow into a managerial position and you’ll be required to think on your feet and grow with your responsibilities.

Think of it as sort of a real live Pepper Potts and you’ll get the picture. This is not for someone who wants to branch out on their own in a year or two.

What would your responsibilities look like?

- reading, monitoring and responding to your boss's client email (those clients can be personal friends who happen to be business partners just as well as minor (and not so minor) celebrities or ceo’s of larger corporations),
- answering calls and liaising with clients competently,
- preliminary drafting of correspondence on your boss's behalf,
- delegating work in your boss's absence,
- diary & scheduling management,
- planning and organising meetings and calls,
- organising complex travel,
- conducting extensive research and preparing your findings in a brief and actionable manner,
- communicating with the team 

What are the necessary requirements ?

- Fluency in German is a must

- Good level of English;

- Good computer literacy (Word, Excel, PowerPoint);

- Extremely Solution Driven/Problem Solver – you have to be in the mindset of “How can I get this to work” instead of “This can’t work” or “ This is not possible”

- Exceptional (!) social skills

- Ability to be proactive and to take the initiative 

- Ability to operate effectively within a virtual (cross-cultural) team;

- Knowledge of standard software packages and the ability to learn company-specific software( if required)

- Tact and diplomacy

- Very good planning and organisational skills;

- Very good communication and teamwork skills;

< Experience in online marketing and knowledge of advertising channels would be great advantage >

What would you get?

- The amazing opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world 
( with good internet)

- The possibility for occasional meet ups with the team for team building and brainstorming

- Opportunities to travel and meet with clients in the long run ( abroad )

- Fun team building activities

- Opportunities to learn and grow

- Opportunity to work with a young international team

- A friendly positive environment

* Only candidates with relevant experience will be considered.

We are a digital marketing agency specialized in rapidly growing our clients online lead & customer base in a profitable way. From selling information products, consulting and coaching to ecommerce and enterprise sales funnel optimization we wear quite a few hats and we wear them well. The company is registered in Bulgaria.The management team spends a considerate amount of time in Sofia or travelling.

*** If you are interested feel free to apply with your resume and (!) note your relevant experience ***

Thank you for taking the time to read so far. We are excited to meet you!

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  • Stefani Gacheva Здравейте,

    С интерес прочетох за вашето редложение. Аз живея от 5 години в Германия и говоре перфектно немски и английски. Ще се радвам да се свържа с вас!

    Стефани Гачева
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  • Radoslava Miteva Здравейте аз също имам интерес.

    За подробности, моля свържете се с мен на посочените координати (мейл).

    С уважение,
    Радослава Митева
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  • Dimitar Peshev Guten Tag,

    hiermit möchteich mich gern für ihr Angebot bewerben. Meine DSD II hab ich vor 5 Jahren mit C1 Niveau bekommen. Danach habe ich 3,5 Jahren in Deutschland studiert. Aktuell bin ich in einem Call Center tätig, also die Telefonie ist mir nicht fremd.
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  • Mirchen Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    ich bin auf Ihre Jobanzeige aufmerksam geworden und würde mich sehr freuen wenn Sie Kontakt mit mir aufnehmen. Meine bisherige Berufserfahrung entspricht genau Ihre Erwartungen.
    Bitte geben Sie mir eine Möglichkeit Ihnen mein Lebenslauf zuzuschicken.

    Vielen Dank im voraus!
    Beste Grüsse aus Varna
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  • Blaga1NI Liebes Team,

    Ich habe insgesamt fünf Jahre in Deutschland studiert. In Bulgarien habe ich für den grossen Contactcentren gearbeitet. Ich möchte gern selbständig von zu Hause aus arbeiten, Diese Möglichkeit entspricht meine Wünschen.
    Sie können mich gerne an dieser Addresse erreichen:
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  • Kameliya Nikolova Hello,

    My name, as I suppose you can see , is Kameliya. Your project really got my interest so I decided to apply, because I think that I would be a great fit for the position. And here’s why:

    I have excellent language skills in German and English, writen as well spoken.
    I am a very independent worker but also a team player and target driven person.
    I have great communication skills built up by my work experience as a representative for diverse companies in Germany, technical support agent for the biggest music app, as well as by my voluntary work with international students in Germany.

    I am a very positive person, Instagram and new technology obsessed, full of interesting ideas and inspiration to do more for both clients and partners of the company.

    If you also think I could be a fit for the position, feel free to contact me anytime!

    Best regards,

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  • Patricia My name is Patricia and I am originally from Luxembourg. (therefore I speak and write perfect German without any accent and I also do speak French, English, Luxembourgish and a little bit of Portuguese and Bulgarian)
    Before I moved to Sofia, I was living for 7 years in Berlin, I started to work there as a Fraud Prevention Manager in Finance, and later I was the head of Customer Service and the Head of Finance in a Startup Company, where I was the first employe, helped to find new teamplayers, organizing everything we needed from finding an office to getting contacts for investors, basically to build up the company.
    Currently, I work as a Freelancer in accounting, social media and artist onboarding for a German Company and would love to have a bit more work. Since my work time there is completely negotiable, I can work on fixed hours/days for other companies and I would also not mine to work on late times or on weekends.

    I would be happy to hear from you and to be send you my CV,

    best regards,
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