Data Engineer

We are looking for a Data Engineer for the tasks below.

  • Cleaning data (alignments, duplications, noise etc.)
  • Checks on content for suitability as training data
  • Extract high-quality data meeting engine requirements
  • Creation of the custom engine
  • Fine-tuning, runtime rules: glossary terms, non-translatable terms etc
  • Times, dates, currency formats, measurements
  • Other rules, e.g. capitalisation
  • Reviewing final edited translations to identify error patterns
  • Identifying focus areas for improvement
  • Retrain engine
  • Budget:

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  • atanassimeonov79 Hello.

    What is the technology, which should be maintained?
    Please, be more specific, when you're posting an offer...


    Kind regards!
    1. Aктивност:
    2. 40%
  • 365 days

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