Copywriter in English language, ongoing

Dear Copywriters,

VIAX Corporate Language Solutions is looking for a remote English language copywriter for the following tasks:

- a webpage dedicated to clients in the Fintech domain, approx. 2500 words;

- 2-3 blog posts per month on various topics related to localisation, 2500 words each (every month).

The above are our current needs which can increase over time.

We shall require a free test of 250 words of the Fintech page to check your skills.

If you wish to apply, please contact us providing the following in English:

- Outline your copywriting experience in the body of your message and state if you have any previous copywriting experience in the financial domain;

- Confirm if you are willing to perform the test free of charge;

- Quote your rate per word in BGN;

- Confirm if you can issue invoices for your services.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • до 03.10.2022 (още 3 дни)
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  • РБ I have finished English language school and International Economic Relations later on. We studied Business of English there.
    I am willing to perform the test, I am self-employed, not a company, I am not sure If I can issue invoices then, based on our laws.
    My rate per word-on agreement.
    1. Aктивност:
    2. 70%
  • 10 дни

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  • Симона Юрукова   hello I know the English language and I can write articles about almost everything DM me
    1. Aктивност:
    2. 10%
  • 10 дни

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