Full Stack Software Engineer for project of new startup

Who we are:

We are a start-up which is developing a sports-related web-portal and mobile application.  After developing our platforms in our pilot market of Bulgaria we plan to roll them out internationally.

What we seek:

We are looking for 2 experienced and enthusiastic Full Stack Software Engineers to create together with our team a transactional web-portal and Android&iOS mobile applications initially in Bulgarian and English and subsequently in other languages.

We expect strong commitment to delivering an outstanding software platform in order to boost the chances of our start-up for long-term success in Bulgaria and subsequently in other countries. 


We are looking for talented developers who have:

  • ·       at least 7 years of experience of development of web-platforms and/or mobile applications
  • ·       played a key role in the successful completion of at least 5 demonstrable web-platforms and/or mobile applications
  • ·       experience in delivering optimized architectures for large-scale and/or complex applications (e.g. well-designed APIs, high volume data pipelines, efficient algorithms)
  • ·       commitment to collaborate with our team on multiple fronts of the project – from UX/UI through software development to QA, debugging, software documentation, etc.
  • ·       affinity for lean and agile development.


Experience in multiple of the following technologies:

  • ·       Front-End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular 2
  • ·       Cross-platform mobile development: NativeScript / React Native / Ionic / Xamarin
  • ·       Back-End: TypeScript / NodeJS / PHP
  • ·       Database: PostgreSQL /MySQL, DocumentDB / MongoDB
  • ·       Cloud services: Azure / AWS / Google Cloud
  • ·       Web Services for Mobile & Web API: RESTful / JSON / HTTPS
  • ·       Integration with payment processing: Braintree / Stripe / ePay.bg


What we offer:

We are offering a project-related engagement to 2 full stack developers rather than on-going employment.  The total budget for the project, including a Beta Release and a Commercial Release based on specifications is 20,000 leva.

In case the selected candidates deliver exceptionally well on this project, we might offer them additional engagements in future releases or an opportunity to join the company, even with some equity stake.  

Interested candidates should send us preferably by March 17th their CV and a Letter of Interest describing why they are interested and suitable for the project and mentioning some of their relevant previous projects.  The letter should also include a list of the technologies from those mentioned above (or other substitute technologies) with which the candidate has experience and a self-rating of the proficiency of the candidate in each of these technologies on the scale of Excellent, Very Good, Good or Weak.

We will contact only short-listed candidates.  Full confidentiality shall be maintained with respect to all discussions with potential candidates.    

  • Бюджет: 20 000лв.
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  • Владислав Огнянов Hi,
    we are R&D Solutions- an IT company specialized in custom web/mobile development, DevOps and cloud computing on top of AWS.
    Based in Sofia, Bulgaria we serve mainly international customers on a per-project basis and offer nearshoring (outsourcing) services. Our skillful developers can be your extended team for your future releases.
    Additional information about our competencies and technology backbone you can find at our corporate website.
    In case you are interested and want to evaluate our services, please contact me directly.
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