IT support: questionnaire - analysis - html-to-pdf

A short questionnaire (9 questions) has to be automatically analyzed and the results should be displayed as a spider-graph and a short table, both in html and pdf.

Although I’m no IT-specialist, I managed to organize/program the questionnaire, the php-based analysis of the sql-data, a java spider-graph and the html-analysis-website including the table.

However, I’ve now the following problems:

-        to link the php-data with the java-file,

-        to make the side adapt to the display size, so that it can be used on a mobile phone, too,

- to create a pdf which shows the html-outcome and can be downloaded by the user

Who can help?

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  • 01.04.2017

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  • ANRE Text me in private message and leave contacts. Maybe skype will be perfect so we can along speak about your problem.E-mail is usefull too. I must see the site. The code of course and I can tell you what is the problem what code do you need. And if I can it will be pleasure working with You.
    Stanislav Todorov Burov.
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