Copywriter - for Facebook Campaigns

Copywriter Assignment:

Create 1 Landing Page copy and 5 Facebook Ads copy, that will have the goal to promote an online Game through the story of an online slots win, that you will create from scratch, and that you think could go “viral” on Facebook.

The Offer

The game  that you’ll promote throughout the story you create is called “Grand Mondial ” and its offer is divided into two parts...

Our goal is to have the customers to complete at least the first part of the promotion, possibly both.

Link to the casino webpage that customers will be shown after clicking on our landing page. 

Landing Page Copy

Write down, in English, a Landing Page copy with the following characteristics:

The story should be about a win occurred on the online game of “Grand Mondial ”.

The story should take place in Canada.

The copy should be between 1000 and 1500 words.

(I will give you to download example to read and extract in privet if you have interest and the necessary qualities )

Use its HTML structure as a “template”, entering in it the content you created (replacing completely the existing story).

Edit any other parts of the content in the template above, at your discretion (including the comments in the comment section), to make it relevant to the story you created.

You can leave the original images present in the template.

As in the example of the Landing Page which I will send you, make sure that anytime you mention “Grand Mondial” there’s a link to our website:

When done, check that the landing page is still fully functional and that the content is showing properly.

Submit the entire folder, which includes the “index.html” file and all the sub-folders (fonts, img, js).

Facebook Ads Copy

Create 5 Facebook Ads copy relevant to the story you created. A Facebook Ads copy consists of 3 parts:
The text (1)
The Headline (2)
The “News Feed” description (3)

The Facebook Ads copy should have the following characteristics:
Should follow Facebook policies (this rule applies only to the Facebook Ads copy, not to the Landing Page copy): https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/

Attractive remuneration package.
For more specific information and for workflow do not hesitate  to contact me.


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