Web and graphic designer - for Facebook Campaign

Designer Assignment

Create 3 ad banners (1200x628) and 1 videos (720p) for facebook that will be used on facebook to promote a Gaming  offers.

You will be given some angles from the copywriter, which you will use to create coherent content for facebook.

Both images and video need to be really catchy and must not explicitly name of the game offer we are promoting. It should look like a news of someone who won from our game.

Create 1 logo, 3 story images and 2 banners for the sales page. 

You will consult with both the web designer and the copy writer to decide exactly what type of content is required. 

Other Responsabilities

Create variations of images/videos that work well. 

For web part

Web Designer/Developer Assignment

Create 2 (?) advertorial one-page sales pages, that will be used to promote our offers.  

These pages must have to look like a famous and trustworthy news site’s article. 

The pages must have a comments section at the bottom. 

The pages must be created keeping in mind that they will be seen from a huge variety of different devices, so they will have to be highly responsive. 

Loading times are crucial for the pages. A difference of 0.2 seconds in the loading time can make or break an advertsiment campaign. You will receive benchmarks to get an idea of what to aim for. 

Assembling the Page

Once the skeleton of the website is ready, and  when you prapare  graphic material – such as banners, and images, you will also receive the ad copy from the copywriter. 

Toghether you will have to decide how to compose the page. I.e. where to place each image/banner, how many to use etc. 

Other Responsabilities

Optimize already existing webpages 

Steal and clean competitor’s pages

Manage the safepage’s team (?)

Attractive remuneration package.

For more specific information do not hesitate to contact me.

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