Web developer/designer

Looking to hire a web developer to build a simple website with the following functions:

- display products and prices

- ability to select products and add to shopping cart

- process orders and payments (Paypal)

- ability to keep track of stock and make a product un-orderable the moment it is soldout (after the last successful order has been placed) 

- back-end tool to easily manage the content, change prices and stock.

- website should reside on existing host, public facing IP provided, domain name provided.

Example of what is needed:


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  • Plamen Svetoslavov I'm interested in your ad. If you wish, we can discuss the details of this project
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    2. 20%
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  • Диан Кирилов Hello! I have a big desire to work on this project. And also I have knowledge and a good experience with PHP and MySQL, Object-oriented programming, OpenCart(open source e-commerce solution), PrestaShop( another open source e-commerce solution) and some other things. For example I'm comfortable with Linux/Unix command line, I can configure your domain to work with your web hosting(if its not currently), etc...
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    2. 70%
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  • Димитър Жечев Hello,
    I am interested in your project and i believe i can create something beautiful for you.

    If you are interested in my proposal please contact me to discuss the details. info@juliana-design.com

    Thank you and Kind Regards
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    2. 40%
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  • Кирил Калоферов HI,
    I'm a professional web developer working only with the latest cutting web tools and following the best and newest trends in the design world.
    I have created several online stores which can take as payment methods: paypal, credit cards, carriage forward and so on.
    I assure you that all of my websites are light, functional, modern looking and run smoothly on all kinds of devices/
    If you are interested please hit me up.
    Cyril Caloferov
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    2. 40%
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  • milenastoynova I have more 5 years experionce
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    2. 50%
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