Develop a website from the scratch (Long-term developers needed)

Hey you! Yes yes! Exactly you! We were looking for you because we need your help.

We need you to develop a news website for us from the scratch, or maybe not, but it will be definitely something unusual.

Our website will be focused on collecting news from other sources and collect them in one single place. The sources will be from different platforms, like other websites, audio podcasts, YouTube videos and so on. We will organize them and give the readers the best of the best and let them have a big choice in a single platform. In the meantime we will need to have the ability to write our own news, give the possibility for other users to register, have accounts and even some of them to become future authors, so lots of work might be needed and if you believe that you are capable of handling everything and integrating it into a single platform, you will work for us and we will work for you. Remember, we don´t talk about a website only, but about a platform. Also we would like to learn what would be the best approach to create a platform like ours, so you need to believe in our project and not exist just for the job itself. And when applying write us the word *banana* just to see if you actually read everything we wrote, it´s just a way to test people´s patience and interest.

What we want from you is:

Motivation and understanding. Good communicational skills. Great/Good English (we also speak Bulgarian but prefer English). Great skills and intelligence (because your CV is not relevant, just the skills and the will to work and learn if needed). Belief into the project and will to participate in it because of it, not because of the financial rewards. This might be a project for a longer term and if we like you we might want you to create some other ideas and be our right hand and brain.

We would like to see some creations of yours, accomplishments but you don´t have them, you can still create them with us.

And tell us how you see the world and what are your dreams. We might help with that one day.

We will read every letter, autobiography, accomplishment, wish and word, but we don´t promise to respond on all of them for which we sincerely apologize.
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  • Idotem You have PM.
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  • Кирил Калоферов Hi,

    I'm a professional freelance developer and I also consider myself to be a highly motivated, proactive and creative person with strong soft skills in general.
    My tech stack includes JavaScript, React, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML & CSS and eating *bananas*.
    I'm looking for long term challenging projects and I would be glad if we discuss your one's goals and potential and how we can develop it.
    You can check out some of the things I've done on my website - in my profile.
    I'll keep it short and sweet, but If you like to get in touch with me, use the contacts - on the profile again.

    Best regards,
    Cyril Caloferov
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  • Yozko13 Hello,

    I'm passionate front-end developer with 1 + year experience looking for new challenges!

    Yozdzhan Asanov
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  • Димитър Аргиров *banana* :)

    Hi Guys,
    let me introduce my company. We are full-service digital agency, based in Stara Zagora. We work on our own projects as well as on projects of our clients. We are team in which everyone take place with its own skills and ideas.
    I, personally do websites from 2002. Web spiders and crawling are my specialty. Probably this is the must for your project.
    Also, our strong skills in SEO and Digital marketing oh the team will help your project to become alive.

    Looking forward to hearing from you more about your idea and complete project!

    Your sincerely,
    eng. Argirov
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  • Георги Язовалийски Hello!
    I am interested in that job position.
    I will be very quick and clean.
    I have been a C# Developer for about 3 years now and currently I am studying Java in one of the major academies in Bulgaria - Softuni, where I have almost completed all the professional courses. I was just accepted in the AUBG with Computer Science. In the moment I am developing a website where I use webscraping as one of my major sources of information.
    About my personality, I am an open-minded guy searching for adventures and ways to fulfil my life!
    Looking forward to your reply guys!
    Have a nice day!
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