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We are running several new domains and want to have digital marketing for them. Digital Marketing is ongoing and not just one time. 

Our target market for now is Canada and then USA.

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  • Цветомир Койчев Hi there!

    I am interested in your offer and I believe I can help. Please, send me a PM with more details and we can go from there. :)
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  • Daniel GMedia Hi champs!

    We are a Social Media Marketing agency and work with clients like yourselves to drive targeted traffic with Facebook and Instagram ads. We have experience in the US market and would love to chat and see how we can partner up and reach your goals :)

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  • DA WEB Hello,
    I am interested as well. Quality guaranteee, best oferr ! Many addons for free for better job and experience that not many companies will do.
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  • Nick Knezevic Hello,
    As a person who resided temporarily in the US and have the skills and knowledge you need, I will gladly add value to your business and make it big on the social medias.
    I also offer a free audit on your social media profiles and pages. If you are interested, you can contact me.
    Quality over quantity.

    PS. My part-time graphic designer/content creator is from Canada and he can surely be of help too.
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