Looking for a copywriter - Long Term

I'm looking for a copywriter who is willing to write articles mainly for Night Vision and Thermal products. The article are not crazy technical, but more related to  product reviews or product comparison. 

You don't have to be a professional writer, but I need people who can use correct English spelling, grammar and punctuation. 

I'm looking for a person who can commit writing 1 to 4 articles per week. Where, the article's word count can vary between 1500 to 5000. Some basic research will be required for every article also.

The rate for an article is 2ст per word.

If you have experience writing for a blog, that's a big plus, but I'll make my decision based on a sample of your writing.

Please contact me, if you are interested!

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  • Лора Цветкова Premium Hello!

    I am really interested in your offer!
    I have a certificate in English - Cambridge Certificate level C1.
    I am studying Economics in English and I talk, read and write all the time.
    I have experience with writing. It has been my passion ever since I can remember. Right now I am in charge of PR and Blogs for an event that is going to take part this November.

    I would really appreciate working for you!
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    2. 40%
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  • Юлианна Никифорова I'm not quite experienced as a copywriter. I'm starting now.
    I'm not familiar with the products but I hope you'll provide some sample articles. I'm ready to write something for you.
    I'm trying to collect all my articles in a blog that isn't ready yet
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    2. 20%
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  • 10 лв.

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  • DA WEB You have a PM
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    2. 80%
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  • Аксу Вахид Hi! I am very interested in your offer. I have always worked with English clients. I have a solid experience in writing as well. I can provide you with samples if needed.
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    2. 30%
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