Digital Marketing Specialist / Website & Social Media Manager


  • Writing and publishing content on websites and social media channels
  • Applying SEO best practices to content
  • Applying marketing strategies in the promotion of the content
  • Analyzing data from websites and social media channels
  • Working with Google Ads and Facebook advertising
  • Researching popular trends and designing effective marketing campaigns


  • Excellent knowledge of written English and Bulgaria
  • Deep understanding of Digital Marketing including – social medias, google AdWords, SEO
  • Highly organised, self-sufficient and self-motivated
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Good communication skills (verbal, written and presentational)
  • Knowledge of Google AdWords is essential
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics is essential
  • Knowledge of Google search console is essential
  • Knowledge of Gimp / Photoshop / Coreldraw

You will be part of a rapidly growing team with an ambitious global project.This work is for motivated people who intend to become long term part of our team, for which they will be well rewarded. 

  • Бюджет:
  • до 29.02.2020

Кандидати // 3

  • Кандидат
  • Маги Аспарухова Здравейте,
    интересувам се от предложението.
    Ще се радвам да работим заедно и малко повече информация за проекта.
    1. Aктивност:
    2. 30%
  • 30 дни

  • Кандидат
  • Galina Velichkova Hello, I have interest at this job position.
    I got master's degree at digital marketing.
    I have clients, whose I create them ads in Facebook and Google
    1. Aктивност:
    2. 40%
  • 30 дни

  • Кандидат
  • Лилия Чакърова Hello I have interest at this job. Fluent in English. I am extremely motivated to develop myself as an excellent specialist with a lot of experience.
    1. Aктивност:
    2. 30%
  • 30 дни

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