Why you should outsource to Bulgaria

We want to share with you 3 short tips of how you can get better help with your website trough outsourcing to Bulgaria.

Hiring Bulgarian freelancers is not expensive

#1 Outsourcing to Bulgaria is not expensive

You can hire a full time SEO specialist or copywriter for around 1000 EUR a month, a really skilled full-stack Web Developer for 1200 EUR a month or a brilliant Graphic Designer from 800 EUR to 1200 EUR a month. You just have to know where to look.


Freelancers can be a long-term helper

#2 This can be a long-term helper

Building a business is so much easier when you have a long-term worker instead of a short-term contract worker. Website changes get easier, marketing becomes easier, moving your product forward gets easier and Bulgarian freelancers are specifically looking for long-term work to help you build your business.


Outsource to Bulgarian freelancers

#3 freelance.bg has a database of over 12,000 Bulgarian freelancers

You can search the database for the resumes and find the skills that you need or can post a project or a job ad and the Bulgarian freelancers will apply directly to you.


Moving your website forward becomes a lot easier when you follow with thousands of others who are “doing”.

Outsourcing work to Bulgaria can provide a tremendous cost-savings to any small, medium or large-sized company. Using freelance.bg will help you find and hire dedicated and talented Bulgarian freelance specialists who will help you grow your business.

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