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Instagram blogger

We are a marketing agency from Bulgaria that specializes in infoproducts. We have new Online course projects ready to be launched in the USA and we are looking for an Influencer/Blogger, the face of an Instagram blog, where we are going to run traffic, warm the audience with content, chat with clients and sell them our Online courses. We will create a new Instagram account, targeting the USA, we are not going to use your personal account.

We are looking for someone with perfect English, who is charismatic in front of a camera and has an interest in becoming an Instagram blogger. Our vision is to combine your captivating on-screen presence and flawless English language command with our proven prowess in digital marketing, traffic generation, chat sales management, and content strategy. We firmly believe that your involvement as the face of this project will elevate your personal brand in the USA.

We are going to help you with the content strategy and creation, run quality traffic from the US and implement our chat managers to sell in the DMs. Everything that you need to do is to film content by our needs and standards, most of it is selfie type videos explaining the infoproducts.

If you are interested, please, tell me more about yourself and how you see yourself in such role and email me at: ivanborisov955555@abv.bg

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