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Dynamic people with very good English, experience in Adobe and/or a passion in copywriting

We are looking for dynamic people with very good
English,  experience in Adobe and/or a passion for copywriting for remote
work on different projects.

What are the tasks we are working on:
    - Photo/Video optimization;
    - News section support;
    - Scientific Blogs support;
    - Other creative tasks.

We offer:
    - Remote office with a computer, working with remote access software;
    - Long-term employment with increased hourly pay for excellent results;
    - Civil contract or company;
    - Payment 1 or 2 times a month for the hours worked (on a bank account);
    - Friendly atmosphere, accurate payments and smiling colleagues.

It works in a team. It is recommended that you have the opportunity
to work during daylight hours, working together with other colleagues
online. You work remotely on a computer in one of our offices.

daily commitment is 6- 8 hours, depending on the busy period.
Pay is a
function of hours worked (BGN 10-16/hour, depending on the quality of
work), speed and quality of your work. You can also work evenings and
weekends if the projects are on a deadline.

If you are interested
in the job, the fastest way is to write to us. Only shortlisted
candidates will be contacted. We are expecting you.

Възложител: Adriana
Email: swscareerbggmail.com
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