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When Science meets Art - a different proposition for those who live with science and art in their hearts and look for colors in the colorless world we live in

Hello. To open this job proposal means that science and art are not alien to you, but perhaps part of the world in which you work and live.
In short - we are looking for colleagues to take over our new section - When Science meets Art, where we present global talents, scientists, artists, musicians, creators and other people dedicated to science and the arts. Relations with them, correspondence, finding talents, expanding sections and others - all interesting tasks that will color your life.

If it not only sounds interesting to you but you've done even a fraction of it, read our requirements:
    - Excellent English, written and spoken, with experience in correspondence
    - You work in a university or academy of sciences or...
    - You are a scientist, and you work in interesting fields with colleagues not only in Bulgaria
- You write poetry or prose and publish not only in Bulgaria
    - You are an artist with exhibitions not only in Bulgaria
    - You are a great musician, and you play in philharmonics not only in Bulgaria
 - You are a creator, and you work in close communication with your colleagues not only in Bulgaria
  - You have experience in organizing art events, competitions for young talents, exhibitions, etc.

     you are breastfed with science and art; they live in you, and you think that the world will be better only if we are united in science and the arts...
Write us!

We offer:
    - Remote office with a computer, working with remote access software;
    - Long-term employment with increased hourly pay for excellent results;
    - Civil contract or company;
    - Payment 1 or 2 times a month for the hours worked (on a bank account);
    - Friendly atmosphere, accurate payments and smiling colleagues.

It is recommended that you have the opportunity to work during the daylight hours, working together with other colleagues on the line. Your daily commitment can be 5 - 8 hours, depending on the busy period. Wages are according to the hours worked, 10-16 BGN/hour, depending on the quality and speed of the work. You can also work evenings and weekends as you wish, everything is paid.

If you are interested in the job, the fastest way is to write to us at: swscareerbg@gmail.com quoting ad code 77977. Please also attach your current CV and/or portfolio.
We are expecting you.
Възложител: Adriana
Email: swscareerbggmail.com
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