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When Science meets Art. For those who live with science and art in their hearts and are looking for colors in the colorless world we live in

Hello. To read this ad means that science and art are not foreign to you, but perhaps part of the world in which you work and live.

In short. We are looking for colleagues to expand our teams who work, live, and think in the wonderful world of science and arts.
If you see yourself in one or more of our requirements listed below, please do not hesitate to apply.

Below are our requirements. It will be good if you can see yourself in at least 2 or 3.

  • Excellent English, written and spoken
  • Experience in business correspondence
  • Experience in academia
  • Experience writing literature, poetry, blog posts in similar fields, etc.
  • Experience in Adobe products
  • Experience in organizing art events, competitions for young talents, exhibitions, etc.
  • And last but not least - you are breastfed with science and art, they live in you, and you think that the world will be better only if we are united in science and arts.

We offer:

  • Remote office with a computer, working with remote access software;
  • Civil contract on the project;
  • Payment 1 or 2 times a month for the hours worked (on a bank account);
  • Friendly atmosphere, accurate payments and smiling colleagues.


are worked on in a team. It is recommended that you have the opportunity
to work during daylight hours, working together with other colleagues
online. You work remotely on a computer in one of our offices.

Your daily commitment is 5 - 8 hours, depending on the busy period. Payments are function of hours worked BGN 8-16/hour, depending on the quality and speed of your work. You can also work evenings and weekends, if the projects are in deadline.

We'd love to get in touch and tell you what we're working on. If you're approved, you'll be immersed 24/7 in the magical world where science meets art. It works only in English, with scientists and artists from around the world.

If you are interested in the job, the fastest way is to write to us at: swscareerbg@gmail.com. When applying, please quote ad code: 77977. Please attach your actual CV and portfolio, if you can.

Възложител: Adriana
Email: swscareerbggmail.com
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