Drupal 8 configuration and backend know-how is our primary need


- start immediately till the end of April (maybe some issues in May)

- estimated amount is 140 workdays

- up to 5 developers needed (teams preferred)

- preferred is working in our office in Darmstadt (Germany)

- bring your own laptop to work with, office equipment is available


- corporate website with a new look and feel for the user and full editorial control over the content for the


- communication over issue tracker (GitLab), phone and Skype 

Amount of work

- 110 open issues, which are technically defined (in English or German - whatever preferred by you) by our

lead developer; including screens. He will always be available for questions.

- initial kickoff

Short description about the project:

- Plugin: Paragraphs - we don’t use the WYSIWYG in our page types

- Plugin: media, we use the Drupal 8 media library, to manage Images and documents

- we have a running Drupal 8 where we need your support on designated issues

- for development Environments we use docker, no web Server Setup needed, just run "docker-compose up -


- we work over Composer, no Drupal Code nor plugin Code is in the git, Import our SQL dump call

"composer install" and Drupal 8 Environment is running

- the Website is multi language EN and DE (and later additional languages)2/2

Example Tasks

- integrate files on an remote FTP and make them selectable in a Paragraph module

- role and rights configuration

- Paragraph where the Editor can select Taxonomy Terms or page types which in the Output pull the

connected data and display it

- Paragraphs Translation has a bug, after creating the first Translation of the page the Paragraph structure can

be changed and previewed, but does not persist after saving the page

- …

composer.json - so you know, which plugins we use (all on plugins on the up to date version):

"require": {

"composer/installers": "^1.0.20",

"drupal-composer/drupal-scaffold": "^2.0.1",

"cweagans/composer-patches": "^1.6",

"drupal/core": "~8.0",

"drush/drush": "~8.0",

"drupal/console": "~1.0",

"drupal/paragraphs": "1.x-dev",

"drupal/bootstrap": "^3.0",

"drupal/search_api_db": "^1.0@beta",

"drupal/swiftmailer": "1.x-dev",

"drupal/admin_toolbar": "^1.17",

"drupal/toolbar_anti_flicker": "^2.5",

"drupal/toolbar_menu": "^1.3",

"drupal/Image_Widget_Crop": "1.x-dev",

"drupal/workbench": "^1.0@alpha",

"drupal/workbench_access": "^1.0@alpha",

"drupal/rules": "^3.0@alpha",

"drupal/deploy": "^1.0@alpha",

"drupal/conflict": "^1.0@alpha",

"drupal/config_installer": "^1.3",

"drupal/entity_storage_migrate": "1.x-dev",

"drupal/environment_indicator": "^3.0@beta",

"drupal/relaxed": "^1.0@alpha",

"drupal/workspace": "^1.0@alpha",

"drupal/eu_cookie_compliance": "^1.0@beta",

"drupal/simplify_menu": "1.x-dev",

"drupal/features": "^3.2",

"drupal/menu_link_config": "1.x-dev",

"drupal/media": "1.x-dev",

"drupal/flysystem": "^1.0@alpha",

"drupal/ctools": "^3.0@alpha",

"drupal/allowed_formats": "^1.0"

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