Web development REST API implementation

Need a person to develop a text analysing tool as a website, or as an App for mobile devices based on Adndoid OS (depends on skills and budget). Has to be something like online Grammar parser.

Skills needed: To implement web resources (for examples, online dictionaries) that have REST API interface, i.e. return data in XML/JSON format, into one single website. JAVA or correspondent.

The design does not have to be fancy, but simple and effective. An example, here: http://nlp.stanford.edu:8080/parser/

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  • Alexander Ivanov I am experienced in .NET and C/C++ development, including RESTful services with Asp.NET Core and have intermediate knowledge in formal language theory which should be useful for your project.

    I can develop a .NET Core 2.0 Web application with functionality similar to Stanford Parser and the following (but not limited to) features:
    - REST API (JSON and XML) for resources and queries
    - Responsive UI for non-complicated interfaces

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