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Hello, I am looking to *update* my website that's on squarespace. I am in Healthcare Consulting and use the site for marketing and education purposes. I want to add sections: Client log-in, data collection and payment collection The domain and wording will be provided. As questions come in from potential designers, I will post them to make sure everyone has the information. The current site has 4 section (Home, Our Services & Advantages, FAQs & Resources, Contact Us) Questions: 1) What information you would like to show your clients once they are logged in? 2) Are you planning for a custom dashboard to be implemented or otherwise? I will be collecting demographic and background information from the clients. There are around 70 fields which will need to be completed by the client. They will need to be able to attach supporting documentation as well. This is the only major add to the site. Thanks, j.s

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