Microsoft Excel dashboard с Pivot charts


Имам нужда да ми бъде създаден Sales dashboard в Excel както и "ABC analysis" със следните параметри:

"Create a functional dashboard with graphics and/or tables that will track sales performance on yearly, quarterly and monthly basis, as well as show customer and regional performance. They would also like to see how their products are selling and how it changed throughout the years. "

"Create an ABC analysis of the clients. A report must be created, which allows the clients to be segmented into the groups “Group A”, “Group B” and “Group C” with the following weights on each: “Group A”- 50% of the sales, “Group B”- 30% of the sales and “Group C”- 20% of the sales"

Tърся човек, който наистина разбира от Ексел и да може да започне проекта веднага!

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